Finance And Accounting

Providing cost effective solutions while achieving performance and profitability

A global IT consultancy dedicated to using the Microsoft platform to help enterprises achieve profitable growth. Through proven solutions that extend Microsoft products, AG Technologies helps enterprises increase revenue, reduce costs, and reinvest in innovation to gain competitive advantage.

  • International scale with domain proficiency
  • Smooth method coupled with superior technology
  • Process metrics adding value to business
  • With a variety of professionals operating from two locations pitched on the opposite end of the globe, our Finance and Accounting (F&A) practice can take charge of your most complex processes. Our performance has been acknowledged and appreciated by many a analyst firms.
  • AG Technologies commits to go beyond operational outcomes and delivers substantial business value for you across geographies and industries.

We Support You:

  • Promoting regulatory compliance by mitigating risks
  • Realizing your potential
  • Identifying investments which can facilitate growth

We implement an outsourced delivery model that is innovative and takes a 360 degrees view. We help by creating a steady F&A function with innovative, compliant, and transparent accounting practices. Our capabilities and services are dedicated to ensuring the best for your company.


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